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Professional Training DVDs

My training DVDs are a cost-effective way to get started with training on your own.

Click on the titles below to purchase.

You can also contact me directly to purchase via Paypal.

HOW of BOW WOW cover.jpg
SHAPE of BOW WOW cover.jpg
FIDO REFINED cover.jpg

A clip from HOW of Bow Wow, where a few

dogs show off an impressive STAY!

A clip from SHAPE of Bow Wow, explaining

what behavior shaping means.

YouTube Channel~ NorthStarCanines

Plenty of informal training videos on my channel.
Take a peek!

enrichment 101 slide 1 0222.jpg

Click just above to access a FREE webinar

on enrichment ideas for your dog!

Check out the quirky array of articles, offering training tips, fun ideas for enriching your dog's life, and LOTS of puppy advice!

dog training DVDs, dog training videos
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