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Puppy Training ~ YIPPEE!

In-Home, Private Lessons

Get fast help for common puppy topics, like:

  • Implementing a great socialization plan

  • House training

  • Nipping at people and their clothing

  • Destructive chewing

  • Accepting crating or alone time

  • Dealing with puppy zoomies

  • Introducing body handling and grooming in a positive way

  • Exercise and enrichment ideas

puppy training, trick training

Nothing is more exciting than adding a new pup to your home. The cuteness is overwhelming! And oh how the pup adds joy to your life! Yet here I am, urging you to buckle down right away with your puppy's education and socialization, even when they're cute and perfect and sweet and nothing whatsoever is wrong. What's up with that?

As a trainer and behavior counselor for decades, I can tell you I've seen pretty much everything in the dog problem department. It breaks my heart when pet parents and their dogs have to grapple with serious behavior problems, especially when many of these issues can be prevented with early training and guidance, proper socialization, along with early handling and confidence-building exercises.

Timely advice from a professional will absolutely help you sail more smoothly through the typical puppy issues. While you'll never make it through puppyhood with zero problems, I sure can help you to minimize accidents, damage, injury, expense (oh, can puppies do expensive damage!), and puppy-shark maulings by providing gentle training advice, clever enrichment ideas, and smart management tips. Believe me, I know what puppy raising is like, having raised many of my own, as well as training many dozens of puppies who lived with me temporarily over the course of my career.

Investing a bit of time in your pup's early education will yield lifelong benefits!

Please call or email (email is preferred, and be sure to include where you live) so I can help you choose

the best package to reach your training goals.

Most puppy training and behavior advice can be easily and economically addressed via live video conferencing,

or a combination of virtual and in-person sessions. See more details about virtual sessions here.

Basic training packages, depending on location and number of visits, generally range from $460-840 for in-person lessons. 

Included in the package are detailed follow-up notes to recap each lesson, training handouts,

video links, and phone and email support between lessons as needed.



Sales tax for CT and NY residents is additional.


boxer settles on bed, puppy training

We just completed 4 sessions with Virginia for our boxer puppy, Banner -- what a wonderful experience! Her advice is practical, useful, and easy enough for both my 11-year-old and 9-year-old daughters to utilize when helping train Banner. She's also given us so many helpful tips on best items for puppies and money-saving tips on treats that help motivate our pup! Highly recommend!

~ AnnMarie C., New Fairfield, CT

This precious pup is showing off her skills after a

mere 11 days of a board & train program with

me.  It's amazing how quickly pups acquire new

skills when taught with positive reinforcement.

Bella shows off these skills:  sit, down, stay, off,

come, stand, and return-to-heel position.

Click on the image to begin video.

Live video consultations available, too!

Check out my blog for lots of puppy-related info

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