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Remote/Live Video Consultations
  • Pre-arrival puppy counseling

  • Post-arrival puppy counseling

  • Training & behavior help, all ages

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Pre-Arrival Puppy Counseling

Improve long-term success by making careful decisions BEFORE acquiring your new pup!

There's much you can do to increase the likelihood of the success, health, and happiness of your new pup if you think carefully about your choice beforehand.  I know how hard this is!  We're all susceptible to falling in love with a certain type or look of a dog, and our heart insists on this even if our choice isn't ideal for our actual lifestyle.

Seeking advice before selecting their furry new family member -- whether it's a purchase through a breeder, or an adoption through a rescue organization -- increases your chances of getting a great match for your family.  Getting tips for how to prepare in advance of their arrival also helps to pave the way for a smoother transition when the new pup arrives.

Here's how I can help:


  • Provide input about breed selection, and how the breed you select is likely to mesh in your home and life

  • Assist in finding a quality breeder -- much heartache can be avoided by investing time doing careful research

  • Give concrete tips for your home environment to help set your new pup up for success and to minimize problems

  • Offer suggestions for toys, enrichment items, containment systems, and other equipment

  • Answer any other burning questions you have


Post-Arrival Puppy Counseling

Early advice makes life with your new pup SO much easier

Has your new furry friend already arrived? Let's chat! I offer timely advice to ensure your pup is set up for success, to minimize problems, and to give you peace of mind. People often need help within the first few days of the pup's arrival, way before you can join a class or get your first in-person appointment. I can offer:

  • ​Tips for setting up your home with puppy's safety and management in mind, allowing good habits to grow and preventing bad habits from developing

  • Suggestions for toys, enrichment items, containment options, and other equipment

  • Advice for achieving the right balance of aerobic and mental exercise each day

  • Coaching on those immediately pressing issues, like how to help pup adapt to time alone without anxiety, crate-training, settling at night, house-training, how to address chewing, painful shark bites, jumping, etc.

  • Info about what proper socialization actually means, and how to implement it safely and without delay

  • Answers to other burning questions you have

I'm often hired after problems are firmly in place, with frustrated pet parents at the end of their ropes. Please remember that many problems can be avoided or minimized if addressed early in your new pup's life with you.

Problems rarely resolve on their own and instead get worse with time and practice. I often see these dogs when they reach adolescence or adulthood, displaying troublesome behaviors that have become entrenched bad habits. Save yourself frustration, time, and expense by getting timely advice early on. You'll be glad you did!


Here are the things I can help you AVOID:


  • Overly enthusiastic jumping up and nipping behaviors that are annoying and painful to people when dog reaches full size

  • Expensive levels of damage around the house and yard

  • Strenuous pulling on leash that makes walking the dog very difficult (and sometimes makes pet owners desperate enough to consider painful equipment like choke, prong, or shock collars)

  • Fearfulness of strangers, other dogs, new locations, novel stimuli

  • Intolerance of necessary tasks, like bathing, grooming, nail trims, vet exams

  • And so much more...

remote training, virtual training, labrador retriever puppy training

"Virginia is a gift. I was losing hope with a new puppy who, after 2 weeks, would not settle in at night. I was desperate before our scheduled in-person appointment so Virginia kindly offered me a phone consult. Her wholehearted desire to help is so evident in her voice... patient and compassionate. Her skill and knowledge helped my new puppy sleep through the night right away without any distress... and our family as well. What a great service when you need help and can’t wait.  My sincere thanks!"

~ Debbie L., Ridgefield, CT

Training and Behavior Issues 

Remote / live video consultations provide the help you need now and at a modest cost. It's like home-schooling for dogs!  Appointments are available using video conferencing (such as Zoom), or simply by phone. There's a great deal of coaching I can provide remotely to address many different training and behavior issues.



  • Flexible and convenient scheduling, including the option of shorter 30-minute sessions

  • Economical

  • Less stressful for dogs who are very anxious or fearful of a stranger's presence

  • Simple to participate using a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or web camera

  • Option to receive recorded session for helpful review when using Zoom

  • Maintains social distancing when you have health concerns

​In addition to basic training, common issues we can address include house-soiling, destructiveness and other household mischief, excessive barking, overly exuberant greeting behavior, door dashing, handling/grooming issues, food guarding, and so much more. 


Contact me to let me know your concerns, and I'll give you an honest assessment about whether a virtual consult is the right choice. If appropriate, we'll then schedule a convenient date and time to get started, and I'll share additional instructions. As with all my services, follow-up notes and email support are included.

remote dog training, virtual dog training, GA

I was happy to find that Virginia does phone and Zoom consults! She helped us to understand and work with our dog effectively to stop the barking and biting. Her instructions are precise and easy to follow and she even sent an email recap! I highly recommend!!!!

~ Ruth E., GA

virtual dog training, remote training lessons

"Just wanted to say thanks again for your help with the treat trainer. It has been a huge success. Dinner with Mabel is now a peaceful experience!!"

~ Jennifer W., Dobbs Ferry, NY

(Virtual consult addressing demand barking at family meals.)

Economical and very effective.  Help is within reach, no matter where you live!

Virtual consultations are $50/half-hour, with the first consultation being one hour in length.

These sessions can be combined (locally) with in-person lessons to create a hybrid package.

Please call or email (email is preferred, and be sure to include where you live) so we can

create the perfect package to meet your needs. 




Check out my blog for lots of helpful puppy and training info!

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