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Private, In-Person Lessons

  • Teaching Good Manners

  • Resolving Behavior Issues

teach dog to stay, leave it

These dogs demonstrate both STAY and LEAVE IT very nicely!


Life is easier and more enjoyable when your dog has good manners and basic obedience skills. Let me help you and your dog with:

  • Basic obedience skills, like sit, down, stay, settle on a mat, come, leave it, drop
  • Walking nicely on a loose leash
  • Polite greeting behavior with family and guests
  • Good manners in the house, like chewing only on dog-appropriate items, respecting boundaries like keeping body and paws off furniture and counters
  • Waiting at open doors (instead of dashing out)

Lessons are designed to meet the your unique needs, whatever your goals are. I'll suggest skills that make living with your dog more pleasant, and will point out any early signs of trouble brewing, along with strategies to avoid those problems. Depending on your goals, we may meet just a few times, or on a more regular basis. Lessons are often in your home, or we may meet at public spaces for more polishing of skills. ​My teaching technique is based on positive reinforcement.


During each lesson I'll explain the 'how' of training a skill, and then coach you through the steps so that you can confidently continue with training after our lesson ends. One of the things my clients appreciate is that I send a follow-up email to recap each lesson, including additional resources like training handouts and video clips. I'm also very responsive to any questions you might have after a lesson. I want you to make the most of your training time before we meet again.


Having some doggie problems?

Sometimes the problem is just a mild nuisance, and sometimes it reaches a level where quality of life is impacted for both you and your dog. When possible, I like to catch the first whiff of a developing issue and address it right away, before it has a chance to become deeply entrenched. But even if the problem has existed for a long time, chances are good that significant improvement and even resolution are achievable. And while some solutions are quick, others will require your time, patience, and dedication. Smart management is often an important piece of the puzzle as well.


The point is, you don't need to just live with the problem! Let me help you turn things around so you can enjoy a more peaceful and enhanced relationship with your best pal. Using gentle, humane, and effective techniques, I can help you with:


  • House soiling

  • Inappropriate play with people, including jumping and mouthing

  • Excessive barking in the home, yard, while on walks, and/or in the car

  • Barking and pulling on walks when exciting things are in view

  • Shyness of people, other animals, sounds, novelty, and/or new environments

  • Body handling issues  (fear or uncooperative behavior during grooming, vet care, restraint, etc.)

  • Food or object guarding (being reluctant to release an item to you)

  • Inability to settle or relax


dog walks on a loose leash, dog pays attention

What a pleasure when a dog walks on a loose leash!

Click image for tips on introducing loose leash walking.

Please call or email (email is preferred, and be sure to include where you live) so I can help you choose

the best training package to reach your training goals.


Basic training packages, depending on location and number of visits, range from $495-930 for in-person lessons. 

Included in the package are detailed follow-up notes to recap each lesson, training handouts,

video links, and phone and email support between lessons as needed.


  ​Sales tax for CT and NY residents is additional.

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