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When working with clients, I find myself frequently recommending the same core products on a regular basis, so I've collected these items on an Amazon page for convenience.  Here are just a few examples:


A treat pouch is very useful for early training sessions, and a must-have when teaching loose-leash walking or working on leash reactivity.

By far, the most popular exercise toy is a flirt pole!  It's great for dogs that like to chase stuff but aren't interested in fetching the toy back to you.


Toys designed to be stuffed with food are essential for puppies and for enriching the daily routines of all dogs.  Here's one popular one, and another.


Fun feeders are a great way to extend mealtime in an enriching way.


For an economical way to learn how to teach basic obedience skills, check out this DVD.

Exercise pens are often recommended as a roomier option to crates.

Certain training and behavior issues are much easier to work on when one is using a remote-controlled treat dispenser.  Trainers LOVE these devices!


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Pet Insurance:  For access to an informative article about how to select pet insurance, please click here.


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