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National Take Your Dog to Work Day

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

This Friday, June 26, is the day! If it's an approved activity at your particular place of work and you're thinking of taking your dog with you, below are some tips to increase the chances you'll both have a fun and successful day.

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  1. Be sure to clear your plans in advance. Some considerations include the fact that other co-workers may be allergic or afraid of dogs.

  2. Don't do it if your dog is uncomfortable in new settings and/or around strangers! That's a recipe for stress for both of you.

  3. Consider carefully if your dog typically barks at novel sounds or passersby, as this could be quite disruptive at your workplace.

  4. If your dog doesn't like other dogs, and other employees are bringing their dogs, determine whether you'll be able to realistically keep your dog relaxed and quiet.

  5. Make a good impression by having your dog well-groomed and clean for his big day at the office.

  6. Plan how you'll keep your dog safe. Is there an office door you can close to keep him with you, or should you bring a baby gate or an exercise pen or use a tether at your desk to keep him safely contained? Puppy-proof your work space in advance so he'll be safe.

  7. Remember to bring essentials, like a water bowl, chewies, toys that don't make a lot of noise, treats, a comfy bed, poop bags, and products for clean-up in case there's an accident.

  8. If dog-loving coworkers want to visit with your dog, be sure he's amenable to this. Allow your dog to make the choice about interacting with people by approaching them, or not, rather than letting people invade your dog's space.

  9. Take care that coworkers are not feeding unsafe foods to your dog.

  10. Have a back-up plan in case things don't work out as you hope.

I've had many dogs of my own over the years, and despite their good manners, not all of them would've enjoyed a day-at-work experience. So please be mindful of your own dog's personality and preferences before taking him to work with you. If you do bring your dog along, I'd love to see pics and hear how it goes!

Stay well!

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