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Behavior Consultations

help fix dog problems, behavior problems

Yup, dog problems happen.  Sometimes they're a mild nuisance, and sometimes they reach a level when quality of life is impacted for both pet parent and dog.  Ideally, I like to focus on catching the first whiff of a developing issue and addressing it right away, before it has a chance to become deeply entrenched.  But even if the problem has been in place for a long time, chances are good that significant improvement and even resolution are achievable.  And while some solutions are quick, others will require your time, patience, and dedication.  (Occasionally, I may also recommend a client seek the expertise of a veterinary behavior specialist, including when a dog may benefit from behavior medication.)  Smart management is often an important piece of the puzzle as well.

The point is, you don't need to just live with the problem behaviors!  Let me help you turn things around so you can enjoy a more peaceful and enhanced relationship with your canine companion.  Working together, we can solve many different types of behavior problems using gentle, humane, and effective techniques.  These include:


  • Barking and non-friendly displays towards strangers or other dogs

  • Shyness of people, other animals, sounds, novelty, and/or new environments

  • Body handling issues  (fear or uncooperative behavior during grooming, vet care, restraint, etc.)

  • Food or object guarding (being unable to safely interact with dog when he has food or a prized toy, and/or not being able to take an item away)

  • Destructiveness/chewing

  • Counter-surfing/stealing taboo items

  • House soiling 

  • Excessive barking in home, yard, while out on walks, and/or in car

  • Chasing cars, bikes, joggers, wildlife, etc.

  • Inability to settle or relax

  • Inappropriate greeting behavior with people or other dogs

No matter the issue, any clients I meet with must understand the importance of following the advice I provide and consistently working with their dogs.  I do my best to be thorough and clear in my coaching, but little progress will be made if you aren't willing and able to do the work needed to help modify the dog's behavior.

​​​​​Our first meeting takes place via a Zoom session ($100/hour), so that I can learn more about your dog's behavior, make some initial recommendations, and prepare you for what to expect during our in-person training/behavior sessions to follow. 

Please contact me to discuss a plan to best suit your individual needs.

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