Behavior Consultations

Yup, dog problems happen.  Sometimes they're a mild nuisance, and sometimes they reach a level when quality of life is impacted for both pet owner and dog.  But even if the problem has been in place for a long time, chances are very good that significant improvement and even resolution is achievable.  And while some solutions are quick, others will require your time, patience, and dedication.

The point is, you don't need to just live with the problem behaviors!  Let me help you turn things around so you can enjoy a more peaceful and enhanced relationship with your canine companion.  Working together, we can solve many different types of behavior problems using science-based, humane, and effective techniques.  Some of the many issues I have expertise in resolving include:


  • Barking, lunging, and aggressive displays towards strangers or other dogs

  • Fearfulness of people, other animals, sounds, novelty, and/or new environments

  • Body handling issues  (fear or aggression during grooming, vet care, restraint, etc.)

  • Food or object guarding (being unable to safely interact with dog when he has food or a prized toy, and/or not being able to take the item away)

  • Destructiveness/chewing

  • Counter-surfing/stealing taboo items

  • House soiling 

  • Excessive barking in home, yard, while out on walks, and/or in car

  • Chasing cars, bikes, joggers, wildlife, etc.



Consultations are about two hours in length, and include detailed follow-up notes outlining the behavior modification protocol discussed during our appointment.  Depending on the complexity or severity of the issue, private/follow-up lessons will also be recommended after the initial consultation.

Please contact me to discuss a plan to best suit your individual needs.


​Serving areas of CT and NY, including:

Northern Fairfield County
Northern Westchester County

Western New Haven County

Putnam and southern Dutchess Counties

Remote consultations available anywhere in the US

In person dog training and behavior services available in the following towns:

Armonk, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Bethel, Brewster, Brookfield, Carmel, Chappaqua, Cross River, Danbury, Derby, Goldens Bridge, Katonah, Mahopac, Mt. Kisco, New Canaan, New Fairfield, New Milford, Newtown, North Salem, Norwalk, Oxford, Patterson, Pawling, Pound Ridge, Redding, Ridgefield, Sherman, South Salem, Southbury, Weston, Wilton.

Please ask if your town isn't mentioned above -- you may be in my travel zone, or we can work together remotely.

Virginia Dare of North Star Canines, 804.784.0120, in CT/NY


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